I and my vagrancy(mein aur meri awaargi)

Mein aur mere dil ki awaargi;

Na jaane kya gul khilaayegi. 

(Me and my heart’s vagrancy;

Don’t know-what would it do as this is my vagrancy.)

Duniya kahti he sambhal ja;

Vo kya jaane kya hai bechaargi.

(The world asks me to never slip, to be cautious

Bt what does it know about vulnerability and helplessness)

Taqdeer ne likhi he na,

Chap se gira pani me,us boond ki rawangi.

(My fate as my friend has been written;

Suddenly drowned in water n merged as one ,all of a sudden.)

Koi shaks tha duniya se juda hua;

Bas yahi afsaana duniya yaad karegi kabhi.

(Someone was here n disappeared  forever,

That is enough to remember for all whatever)

Jab labon pe naam aayega mera;

Itfaaken hi sahi,yakinan ek pal kabhi.

(Whenever if my name comes on someone’s lips;

Fortunately,i have faith, on that happening for one minute even as a murmur.)

Dil he beemar kisi ke ishq me,

Aaj talak bhi maane jaate hein sabhi.

(I m falling in love with someone;

Still now they consider me as wholesome.)

Jakhmon ke dard hein mere nagme,

Nahi sochta koi namuraad kabhi.

(My songs are result of my wounds;

Never think of them as hounds)

Hamnawan bhi the aur humnafas bhi,

Par vaqt ke aage kaun tika,bichad gaye sabhi.

(Many were my wellwishers ,oh i had them in past,

Bt who could fight the TIME,they all are lost atlast.)

Kaun kahta he tanha he dil ki;

Vo parchayiaan he mere sath abhi.

(Who says my heart is alone,

As shadows of my past are still with me in neon.)

Saath-saath chalne ka vada tha na;

Chalte hein saath sath aaj bhi.

( Those promises to walk together always;

After separating,still now fulfill ,afar, promises)

Nahi jaanta dil ki kyun juda he,

Haqikat se door,taswwur se dil lagi.

(Don’t know my heart-why is it far,

From realities and love imagination as nymar.)

Vo gulmarg *dekha tha ek haseen;

Vo meri talaash me,me uski talaash me aaj bhi.

(I had seen one time dt Gulmarg as beloved;

It is busy in searching me as astray , ‘n I too in searching that same way.)

Barf ki gahri parton ke neeche meri,

Rooh ki aag aaj bhi;

Sulag rahi he mere dil ki tarah aaj bhi.

(In deep layers of the snow,oh still now, my soul’s flames is presented;

It is flaming still now like my all feelings of heart as bolded.)

Jaanta he dil apni manjil bakhubi,

Ye nahi,vo nahi ,koi shaksh kabhi nahi.

(Heart knows very well its goal,

No dis,dat and never a person at all.)

Ki chinaaron ke saaye karte hein ishaare;

Unhi ki aagosh me khoyegi mahjabi.

(Shades of maples’ silent gestures a way of spoon,

Their laps offer me to sleep like moon.)

Aage ek intzaar he baaki faqat;

So jaayenge odhke baraf ki rajaayi kabhi.

(Further from it  bt one waiting is saved for me;

We will be sleeping forever in the blanket of snow for HE.)

17.12 2016.               4.05pm

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.

*Gulmarg is a most beautiful hill station at Kashmir (India).


22 thoughts on “I and my vagrancy(mein aur meri awaargi)

  1. Aruna, beautiful and emotional. The following line is lovely, “In deep layers of the snow,oh still now, my soul’s flames is presented”, very visual. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. ~ Mia


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