CYCLONE IN HEART AND MIND(bawander dil-o-dimaag me)

Yahaan bhi ek bawander he;

Dil-o-dimaag pe chaaya hua.. 

(Here is also d cyclone,

Surrounding my heartly mind alone)

Meri nanhi si jaan !kise pukaarati he teri jubaan;

Mat khel lahron se ke he vahaan toofaan.

(My little baby !!why r u calling  waves unknown, 

Dt place is not to play bt for storm.)

Oh vo bawander bhi aane wala he;

Tu kho na jaaye ,vo bin dil wala he.

(Oh,see dt cyclone have to come;

It is heartless,i donn’t wanna lose u, plz come home)

Meri godi me hein tere sab armaan,

Liye huye aaftaabi surat si panaah;

Tere liye hi jeeti hun,meri shahjaadi,

Tere bina beraunak he khwaabgaah .

(In my lap ur all dreams r safe as sunlight,

I live only for you,my cute princess!!

Without u ,nothing is in my love as breathless) 

Baahar tabaahi ka manzar,

Jaise dil ko chedti hawaon ke khanzar.

( outside there is vanishing all beauty,

Winds r blowing, harsh as a knife’s cruelty.)

Aa ja ke baahon me chipaa lu tujhe,

Har kharonch se tera dil-o-jism bacha lene de mujhe.

(Come once again,let me hide u in my arms;

Because no any scratches on ur heart n body to harm.)

Nahin hein kaheen sukun-o-karaar;

Mahfooz he khuda ki badault tera chota sa sansaar.

(Nowhere is present silence ,calmness with safety;

Lucky one u have a godblessed home ,left d storm to roar refty.)

12.12.2016.             9.13pm

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.



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