Dil ke aansu(tears of heart)

Kyon jaar jaar rota he dil,

Jeena duniya me mushkil. 

(Why do d heart cry so much badly,

Living in dis world so hardly.)

Dil to bechara he gamon ķe aashiyaane me,

Koi to samjhaaye,kya rakha he rone rulaane me.

(D heart is only poor in his alone home,

Anyone may to discribe reality dt none is in tearing alone)

Ye to nemat he khuda ki ke tu pahchaan gaya ashqon ki kimat,

Ab kya dar zindgi me kuch khone ka jo hamesha se he ek hakikat. 

(Dis is a vunerable gift of God dt u have now recognise it’s value,

Now,what to fear for losting dt is always a reality of heart as true )

Ye kabil hein qatl-e-bebafaaiyon ka,

Ye dua bhi hein,baddua bhi apne-o-praayon ka.

(It is able to murder of decievers,

It is as blessing as cursing for beloveds n anothers ).

Tere dil ke saare paap dhul ke ho gaye jaazim se;*

Tu ho gaya ab kareeb khuda ke aalim se. 

(Ur heart have wiped by tears so much holy mat,*

Yeah,u have reached nearby Universal soulmate )

8.12.2016.          11.34 pm

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.


Mere payaare dil !!ek gum to basaa le dil me,

Ki tere jeene ka samaan ho jaaye.

(My lovely heart!!let give a place d pain in ur inner side,

Let be a support u for living.)

Tanha kyo rahe tu jahaan me ki 

Ye dard tera teg-e-mehmaan sa ho jaaye.

(Why may u live alone in d world,

Let live dis pain near u a guest as sword.)


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