plz ,just go with it..  

D moment of enjoyment in life;

O my dear !! For u a little bit.

What are u thinking as stood puppet,

Plz,stop thinking n just go with it.

In thinking,u wiĺl forget ur path;

Forget all dt n give attention on it.

What is it,u often scold on me;

I see d moon in starfull sky,do u see.

Dt is my daily routines as part of me.

Dawn ,when dt is dropping dews on many  flower;

My heart feel just fresh as wet patels as my soul however.

Whatever say my heart,i do all;

Because dt’s call as my recall.

Out of heart all remanats r worst;

As d symbol of inner side’s thirst.

Oh dear !!plz sing dt song who may become,

As song of all hearts,forever,for everyone.

Think for a little time dt life is short n never see tomorrow ;

Let all worst  thing  left to reform itself,
Today is yours ,mine n ours to brow

.all ocean of love for every guys,no stand alone at seashore.

Waves are with u here ,innocent !!

As singing waves with flowing continue for love’s lore. 

Far away situated mountain tells u-why r u as losting,u have ur life’s fore.

U think- u r alone in ur side then where is ur soul;

Many imazinations in ur mind r not only for foul.

U r made to be beloved,say as ur heart;.

Time is passing with waves as intoxicated n funny way.

U too should be dt ocean as calling because just go with it,n’sway.

4.12.2016.                     12.14at midnight.

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.


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