Hills have eyes

Ur california has so much suffered in cursinģ paths of bitterness.

it’s inhabitants have to live n take d breathing and beasting in  nuclearness.

At night ,i had seen d movie n about fake thinking to save earth ,i think,

Yeah,d hills have eyes when human’s  vulgar natures wink.

Dt all are only because of their wills of wealths,progressive selfishness;

 No care about reason dt they r digging their graves with unknown happiness. 

Those hills have faced many wounds n hurting by bloody fool human;

They have made many holes on it body as a harassing maiden.

Now she is taking revenge for whole invaders  of her surrounding;

Many civilization has finished,seem now,human will see his own vanishing.

Then only hills give clue about of human being;

As ghosts has fossils hidden into its laps n whispering; –

Wandering n saying d tale-here was a developed beauty  to smile;

As in starfull night with lovely moon,dawn n dusk  to survile;

As whispering;as crying on doing’s result;

Then where will be cure human’s wounds n consult.

(This is not for only California but related to all countries of the world who are being the reason of pollution.) Inspired by d hollywood movie-HILLS HAVE EYES.

2.12.2016.               2.47pm


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