This is a cursed blue daimond,d hope, 

Like ur wanting of false love’s hope.

And youth had closed ur eyes by toxicated smoke,

So,you had taken to hang a rope.

Why dear!! shocked heart asks from  u.

Bt there is not answer,without u.

Likewise no fragrance here to shower;

Coz of absence of blossomed flower.

Dawn is unanswerd as d duff;

Stars are in d sky as buff.

Oh fawn’s nightingale!!can u console,

To tearing eyes who loved u always.

When will the string of heart touch , 

Weeping n shirveling petals in ways.

Dawn asks d question -was u for unknown vale;

In universe ur exictance was only for a tale.

Inspiring from d poem”fawn’s nightingale-written by mia.”it is wonderful piece related from youth of human life.29.11.2016.


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