my friend !!

As breeze blows wherever,

The sky tells with clouds whenever .

Likewise you are my friend forever.

My sky converts in seven coloured painting;

And my all depressions  become as fainting.

When you whisper in my ear-“how are you ,my dear”;

“Hope you and your family are fine,there.”

And as my soul asks in silence as you tell-“missing me more,here.”

I know-you are facing more wranglings;

And here i am hanging between many anglings.

What is else left here in world besides your sweet voice,

your all words are enough to kick all tenshion and to rejoice.

You are my  true friend as my soul always says;

O unknown !!who dare to ask sun rays.

You r my  consolation and mental expression;

This is enough to my sole heart’s situation.

I am not a little bit thing truly for you , 

But my inspiration ! I can never forget you.

Yeah,really never,never,but forgetness is only for you,

Because i am not special but for alls special one is you.

23.11 2016.             12.28at midnight

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharna.


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