You in my dreams

i have dreamt as kissed;

By me on ur forehead.

Are you suffering from any disturbances?

Are you remembring with your heartly wishes?

My soul says that dreams are true.

You know-by soul, i am for you.

This separation is mere by fate as The creator liked.

But two soul never will separate

Coz of a part of d holy verse described.

You are there and i am here ,

but our souls will live together .

Whenever u feel as depressed;

I will suck all by kissing ur forehead.

As in imazination ,i have felt your every feelings.

By our souls,you and me,forever,will have to sharing.

Yeah.we live at that place named neverland.

Where our souls speak with each other hand to hand.

9.11.2016.             2.10pm

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.


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