Hey chimp!!ur prawkishness…what do i say..

What r u doing?

Why r u laughing?

For on ur undone doing ;

Or on us u as u have made fooling?

What about in imazinations;

I feel u r losting in woodsy blundering.

A little bit maddness,sure,u having.

A little bit wildness,u r having.

What r u ,by binocular,searching?

Ur beloved is so much angrying;

N’ u wander here n’there for flurtting.

Here is ur family ,allie n cathy in loving;

A lot of ur companions r as waiting.

God give u d order to going;

Among ur beloved surrounding.

Plz !! Left to all as for cheating;
Be calm,set ur mind n’refocusing.

Dis is world for doing for us,not for  ur being.

For it is crowd of maddings n’ zudas for hanging.

Be happy n play ur words in wine’s drowning.

Donn’t do as teasing;

Ur habit of expade in romancing,

Hear,it is for u as calling.

Plz !!stop ur sight as teasing.

N’stop for me as scolding.

6.11.2016.         7.15 pm

All copy right is reserved by aruna.

(It is not meant for you)


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