Why is loneliness in your room…

Smell some strange in sorrounding;

Here in ur room without presence of something.

Your bed is as asking me where are my friend.

Your table n chair with pen n diary as questioned unend. 

Your window is sad n asks d moon;

Who are gazing me often in style of spoon.

O my God !I have frightened in dis climate;

No depression bt only I m needed my soulmate.

O moon of blue sky ,please,say him my pardon;

Because he is all fragrance of my flower’s garden.

I donn’t know-what is hell n what is heaven;

He is my whole world,my life has not word’ sheldom.’

my finger r decorated from half moon shaped ring by u.

Plz come back soon because many words r half without u.

24.10.2016           3.15 pm

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.


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