ocean of feelings

Someone is calling d ocean;

In which all feelings r drowned.

Dawn n dusk have shades of brown;

Here only waiting is only in background.

How will dt eyes see all beauty of universe;

O dear!! without ur eyes .

No smile on lips;

Without ur rythmes.

No any wave of emotion flows;

Without ur funny smilness.

Ur lovely wordings r silent;

Here heart is as in loneliness.

Waiting n consoling d heart; 

I know to have some patience.

When u will be absolutely well;

Den my ocean will appear as radiance.

Still dt time , oh soft feelings!!

Let drown into d imagination’s ocian;

Coz now, cann’t do n time is oblivion.

14.10.2016                 10.00pm

(Dedicated to my dear friend )


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