prison of life

life is as a prison;

Soul is as locked up.

Like a nightingale who can 

See only d open sky up.

So much long d relation’s chains;

How much d pressure on

My expression’s veins.

Love is too a chain and;

D obsession of my life

True or false,I donn’t know;

Seems but as hive.

How much wounds,my heart bears

Everyday,every night;

And a human is human,

Not a superman or knight.

My lovely relations are beautiful,

As blossoming flower n dearest to me.

Why does d luck examine n hurt;

How much steps to suffer for me ?

Oh,anyone kind! hear please,

 Oblige me and release.

I want to meet my all beloved with silence;

Keeping to make peace far from unknown violence.

My innermost darling is disturbing;

My heart’s climate is vibrating.

 My soul feels as grabble in my life’s jail ;

O Almighty !! If u can not release bt give me some bail .

To take breath whole hearted in fresh air,

To fly in my imaginative sky’s sphere,

To love world’s appearances ,so much lovely,

And all wrangling things to say bye.

7.10.2016                 8.30pm


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