life is as swing

Oh my dear,

Have gone to where.

Plz come on here,

Life as a swing mere.

No tears,they r pearl to hide;

To laugh loud’s place is here wide.

Get lost d fake n false world;

Here no intimacy n sympathic word.

Fotget all regertness n scold;

Your life is only for u to hold.

Throns r for experience;

N flowers r for smilness.

Like sun and moon walk on sky;

Plz swing with me,again n again to fly.

To touch d stars who guided us.;

See d moon who as calling us.

Life is not for escaping bt keepsake;

U have one chance n enjoy for Godsake.

ur swing of life has string of stars;

and hanging on lovely moon’s scars.

Donn’t worry for ur doing,ur respected life no need to say sorry;

because here everything is hunky n dory.

To play,sing n laughing loud as u can;

No tenshion n depression for some thing; o my blessing man !!

21.9.2016              12.25am(here midnight)

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma

(Today is my birthday)


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