I m a paradox;

Can u understand dis?

No bt closest of me.

I m so much curious of necter of love;

I know-dis lives in my heart’s dove.

Among d mountain of hills;

Many falls r ,to meet river,flowing. 

N shores r as thirsty being.

My eyes have salted water as tears to flow;

Bt heart is thirsty still by through.

Ocian r no enough for a thirst soul;

Nobody here is to console.

Coz my heart is a garden of heaven;

My soul as angel having coulors seven.

No one can explain with context;

Coz wordly dust r no allowed to exit.

My paradize seems to others as a imazinative world;

Bt i only know dt happieness n no care about any word.

when my beloved plays with his flute;

My spirit becomes,nobody knows,how much cute.

at midnight his music n on dat my dancing,

everyday to create new world for mine having enchanting.

dis tale of as two cities as my windchime;

one is for u as u like,other is forever mine. 
How much i m crazy now,

feel misfit in d world,how?
19.9.2016                  12.17

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.


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