La madama of turin…

dear la madama of dis plazzo of turin !!

how cute,how sweet , how much softhearted queen.

my beautyful christina,i have read n heard u by urs pupazzovi.

my all love r for u as ur rebalious repulazione(reputation).

ur image of mennish style on horse riding r attracting me to force.

bt i m unable to discribe about ur beauty,honesty ,

who r most valuable legend of women’s historty.

because dear christina !! u r fairy of universe,

n i m unable to imagine of ur image as dewlled  all miracales.

ur refusal to Alexender d great,

ur ignoration to pope’s illegal prophet,

who said u -a queen without realm,

a christian withour faith,

and a woman without shame.

i will admire u n ur effortness,

and ur protesting of all evils in little age.

now u r a inspiration of new era;

o unknown beauty queen of old era.

all copy right is resrved by aruna sharma.

9.9.2016                 11.50am


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