poor emotions

i can not live without u. 

if u donn’t believe ask my mosque.

there a painful voice calling u.

ask from chinaar,because its branches;

many times,i have wet by tears for u.

eventhough u r far away from my sight,

bt rains will tell all about me to u.

now branches of maples r giving me support like arms as u.

all coolness of myfeelings changed into snow.

flying mapel’s leave r telling d story of my emotion’s blow.

there an avalanch has to come,

may be to make a grave for me.

oh .dt will be nice place for my disturbed soul.

n you will be as alone wanderer for

searching as foul.

my voice will calling u in surrownding as slipping snow slide.

and u ,hope,will be satisfy

 with my soul’s love bird ur beside.

all copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.

4.9.2016        1.41am.


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