double role

What type a guy;

Does he play double role? 

Nature has a question;

From north pole to south pole.

From atlantic to pacific;

From west to eastern  sole.

Two shades of a day n night;

How much d human involve.

My heart asks many time;

Bt those r d secret to unsolve. 

Real face who looks as sunshine;    Bt heart has a dark shaded to revolve.

Where heart is a full moonlight;

There face try to look as tempo low.

What is purpose of dis double role;

Why r d feelings losting in black hole.

Here tells every story by each mole;

What is d beauty in living soul.

O my friend!!come near as two pole;

Learn,between earth those r linked so more.

Left dt double game n become open;

Ocean’s seashore.

Come to me n wet fully because;

My heart is in waiting to a long for.

I m tired so much from double faced’s sore.

From ancient time ,at horizon for;

Dawn n dusk as love explore.

Reality is reality,ask from ur soul;

Opnen all windows bt no ignore.

8.8.2016                     2.30am ..

All copy right is reserved    by aruna shàrma


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