forgeting to forget

o my dear!!

why do u talk about forgetting all loving things.

we all r mere as puppets of dis universe.

if u try forget ur love , what is there saved in d world.

for living cheerful life is comupsory word.

all beatyness in ur poems is coz of ur beautiful heart.

then why do u talk about forgetting n hurt.

sady moments has too its beautyness like dusky image at sunset.

because it works always naturaly d dawn to update.

night’s darkness whispers by wind a secret bt sweet song.

sunshine too is as bodygaurd of our soul for a time long.

all birds  r chirpiring as  whishper about ur love affair.

n u r sitting at seashore as alone bt no coz u r a Blair.

what r u feeling,dear,at dt moment then;

u get a sweet kiss n soft skinny arms on ur nake when.

can u forget ur immortal love as a blessing of God;

ur fairy dreams in form of allie is as ur life’s gold.

understand my wy

wqords o stranger n life have to hold;

donn’t talk about forgeting bt try to everything beholď.
30 .7.2016     3.15an


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