ek boond(rain’s drop)

kash!in boondon me ek boond tum ban jaate;

mere nazmon ke dariya me paani sa ghul jaate.

jo likhi gayi mujhse na mere dil se;

us dil ki kitaab ka phalsafa poora kar jaate.

kash!ek baar tum aajaate;

kash!ek baar tum aa jaate.

english translation-

Alas! if u become a drop of dis rainy drops;

In my poetry’s river,u melt as water’s falls.

which something ,i cann’t want to write n my heart want to tell;

dt secret of philosophy of my heart’s book;

dt book plz,u complete as hook.

Alas!u come once again;

alas!u come once again.

27.7.2016              11.39am

all copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.


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