As phoenix

I have heard only about phoenix,

Only read a story about phoenix, 

N done to draw him as said phoenix.

But could not see him still now,

Although feel on my love as he bow

who is he ?still now seems a mystry for mine;

His exictence is mere zero after nine.

If he is reality den a miracle of God;

If yes,can he give me mazical dose.

Sake of Godess Venus !!

i wish for love as zenith.

as it said about phoenix dt burns n take rebirth into his ashes;

O unkwon phoenix !!give my love immortal flashes.

No one can it demolish n vanishes.

As thirst n hunger at deserts;

One wants some drops n nuts.

I want to take rebirth after converting in ashes;

For removing universal pain n aches.

Far from blinded crowd’s clashed;

Let become pure my love for earth

 for leashed.

O bird of epical age !!

Donn’t be as mirage.

Come n glow my love’s beam;

Or spread it here n there like bean;

Who take rebirth as plants new;

Or wanders as breeze for relief n,

To cure hurting heart mostly or few


14.7.2016        12.56 midnight

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.


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