Clowdy dress

Who is dt in d sky;
Hide all my stars,why.?
I have my lovely lonely star;
Bt unable to see as war;
Between my imazination n realty r.
Either it will be as rain drops,
Sing a song n see who stops.
I have will to draw it always;
As portrait  ,Monalisa as.
If it in grey frocked fairy of rainy season;
Her mazical stick may be forever  reason.
My all willings n wishes;
My all lines of futureness.
Say to give some music;
With piyano n guitaar as mosaic.

Welcome dear my muse fairy;
Bt only in rainbow dress n long hairy.
I want to see my inspirationl;
Dt star shining alone individual.
All starfull sky dts brighting for me;
With ur company,it more glow for me.
O fairy in cloudy dress,its gray coulor as  symbol of departing.
Plz,wear seven coulord as rainbow as my spring.


Oh dear .just in dis dress;
U sing sweet a song n dance.
U make beautify my world;
Remove my stress on dis chance.

25.6.2016             11.09pm
All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.

4 comentarios en “Clowdy dress

  1. I always love reading your posts, you’re a good poet and your verses are very beautiful.
    I congratulate you because I read you always with great pleasure.
    A greeting

    Me gusta

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