Something about love

Some thing gotta give,
Everyone wanna live.
U kinda give to everybody;
Love has no limit ,buddy.
Life is not ruggby,
Neither humans r raggy.
Universe has its own beauty,
Either as a dawn or a dusky.
Every life has its dawn n morning,
N starry night it has after evening.
Sunny rays of love fall down on earth for everyone.
So twilight of lovely moon for everyone.
Never any guy has copyright on dem,
Foolish thing is such such so confirm.
Oh hear ,my dear anjan,
All r for all one.
Rain’s drops r like love’s wine,
U no understand as arrogant swine.
Let a cup of sunrays or moonlight,
Enjoy every moment of day n night.
Something gotta gives us,
U should accept all as such.
Spring comes after autumn,
Let drown all in love’s sea bottom.

Oh u r noctiphobia ,n me norse from mythology;
Yeah !let u be the day n me night give all love to others with apology.


21.6.2016         2.53at midnight
All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.


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