Darius n Aziza

Hey Aziza !!why did u fall in love;
U was a bride  of an Emperor as crueld.
Was ur thirsty soul realy thirsty;
N u had ,pond of love,explored.
Derius was ur heart’s target;
U fell in love of him n forgot all.
What is reputation of dt empire;
Where u r poisend for wanderd soul.
N dear Derius is left to wait u sole.
U Aziza n Derius had not done wrong;
Dt cruel old king’s satin would be feared by ur cursing song.
Love is not crime bt force to love is great crime.
Noone could not got heart to buy bt it devoted as its rhyme.
So u both will be a symbol of immortal life.
U both have sacrificed for eternal love own life.
Ur story will be as uncopared example for all belovds.
For ever centuries well be tell ur sacrificing for love in dt ponds.




13 .06.2016            1.24 midnight

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.

Images of famous painter SHOBHA SINGH’s paintings


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