Begin again

Begin again dt game,my love;
I m Radha n u r my krishna, u know.
Plz play again ur flute musical;
N i dance on world’s stage n flow.


In dis world,there is no any
Dis is filled up from sadness n sometime joy as glow.
Why we r so depressed coz;
We have gathered all treasures as row.
Even though pain or joyful moment;
We both r able to sing n pain to throw.
O my love!!donn’t care about of undone;
Plz!!plant my heart n as d love tree , to grow.
From many years to still now;
Our existence is immortal as show.
Let begin ur game again on d stage;
U Almighty n me as Nature to blow.
Our loving tunes is enough for making;
Dis world as enjoyable with smiling n dancing with faces glow.


2.6.2016                  2.02am
All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.


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