For you

If u would here;
My surrowndings become beautiful.
My lonlieness donn’t as horrible as desert hurtful.
All was smiling n laughing meaningless bt not me.
All world was so stranger coz;
You was not then with me.
O my dear friend ! Without u today;
My every moment was as dead.
My heart forgot his own beating;
Every beats seemd as scold.
Hey dear !!where are you;
Your dove needs ur love.
Without ur supporting;
Will be as dead,ur dear dove.
Dis world is meanigless;
If you donn’t come near.
My soul is crying so much;
She wants all’s love,dear.
I know,my friend,u r not mine;
Bt donn’t know about liking u.
Something is between our souls;
When i alone then remeber u.


Plz come near me coz;
I want my soul as melting in ur soul.
As clouds r melting n losting in sky’s blackhole.

31.05.2016               00.34 at midnight .
All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.


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