Ode to d youth


Youth is as river of jhehlam*,
As fresh snow of gulmarg*,
As smiling n laughing chinaar.
It has whole beauty of world,
If u use it with love n care.



Not about at sixteenth age,
Not about of any teenage,
It is forever,
If u feel,
If u can feel,
Then can enjoy forever.
Tears r not d definition of youth,
Laughing also is not belonged with youth.
Age of youth is from teenage to
Twenty or ahaed,
Dis is said in language of world.
Bt i can not think as dt way,
I can not feel in dis way.
Tears n laughing is truely part of life,
Tears n laughing do all life as beautify.
Let it be simply n compulsary as part of life to fly.
U wanna to live alone,
Or withsomeone spacial,
On bank of river,
Or alone on ur window,
At evening or morning,
Desturbing or resting,
Sleepy nights or waking days,
Everywhere is beautieness’s way.
If u love everything,
             Every person,
             Every places,
            Every situation.
U find-ur youth is not gone,
Dt is in ur heart alone.
Dt is in ur feeling,
Dt is in ur thinking.
Then u see,
At any stage of life;
To remove all tireness n sorrow,
Feeling youth is as knife.


Written dis poem after returning from kashmir since 7.10.2011 n 1.40pm
Jhehlum is a river of kashmir.
Gulmarg is a beautiful place of kashmir.


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