take my all wealth

Memories of childhood
Take away this wealth, take away this fame,
Take away my youth as well,
But return me my childhood days,
those paper boats, those rainy days.
The oldest remnant of the village,
The old woman whom kids address ‘grandma’ (naani in hind)
Those tales of ‘naani’ and her stories of angels
The wrinkles on her face which tell stories of centuries,
Cannot forget even if tried hard,
Those short nights and long tales.
Getting out on scorching Sun,
Catching those birds, bulbuls and butterflies,
The quarrels and fights over marriage of dolls,
Falling from swings and managing those falls,
Those memorable gifts of copper (brass) coins,
And the marks of broken glass bangles (on hands)
Climbing those huge mounds of sand,
Building houses and bringing them down,
The innocent longing reflected in the eyes,
The dreams, the toys and tidbits of self,
No worldly worries, no concerns of relations,
Those were days beautiful, memorable, adorable.

23 .04.2016                 10.51

a famous ghajal sung by jagjit.

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