to mummy

dis was my mummy;
dis is my mummy;
dis will be my mummy.


she had left alone us saying fairwell eight april;
here i m leaving alone as nargis always to feel.


look dt smile on my face so innocent;
when i was careless n free  ,
n far from tenshion’s tree,
singing,dancing,playing as dove,
coz those day,i have her exictence’s all love.
whenever i had felt to fear of something;i
i had hidden my mummy’s laps,
feeling then all were right thing.


when i was in seventeen;
all had changed into brown those were for me green.
my seftyness in her saari’s cover;
dt had buried with her death.
after going her n having some depression;
her telling lines had roled as her soul’s cover.
after a long time;now l feel dt,
where m i alone.
her pure soul protect me either out or in my home.
realy she has been blessing me,
after going far still now with me.


oh my brave mummy,ur corageuos wordings has converted into my inspration.
i salute always n 8th april become,
for mine a everlearned specialization.
forever yeah forever for my life,
in past n present u r as memorendam.

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