Wink wink

A loney star is going to d moon;

Coz of living like as zoom.
For many nights of sadness n shocked;
She had not well slept.(2.00 at midnight).

In laps of his sweet arm;
And keeping cheeks on his palm;
For melting her soul goes in his shady calm.(at dawn’s time)
Oh see d blue sky ;
D lonely star follows her moon;
Only for consoling own,very soon.
Every days,this scene is seen by me.
Night is for mine n d both r for me.
This unsolved mystry is known,
N very intresting story is for me.
O meek,mana ,hooky n dew all hear;
Those are for me n also for u,oh my dear.
They both,plz see,by wink wink,
Say us to take a sip of love’s drink.
In both’s eyes are adressing for all us by twinkling thier eyelids;
If u agree ,then say some from urs sweet lips ,as winy words;
If my words hurt u all;pardon me;
Donn’t leave me alone n come my sides.
I am intoxicated by urs wink wink red wine;
.i m drunken ;dt is not my fault;
Urs intoxicating words had become for me as drunkend.
Thanks to u all n also sorry if hurting.
Now i m in resting absolutly with my soul;
Coz of urs shapphfire,black daimond n sweet dew’s consoling soul.


7.45 am 21.03.2016

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.


5 thoughts on “Wink wink

    • Oh dear jenifer !after many problems r sufferd by me from last25 th feb’s month to three days i feel some dt relaxing mood dt poem is written yesteday’s is my read ur comment.realy i was missing u n remembering u for a long time .thanks for reading my solo consoling soul as u.

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