What n why

What is happening;


Why is happening;
What is d depression;
Why is d depression ?
No ,no,never dt passion;
Dt is only,dear,d obssation.
Live with silence mood;
Go on d musical mode ;
Keep d mind fully calm;
See d chinaar as ur palm.
What is said dt Himalya;
See dts height so heigh in sky;
See d ocian n its deeping has whats  lay,
Unvaluable n uncountable so much,
Dwelling stones as miracles;
So much stars shine spectacles;
O my darling !! Plz hear all dts;
Feel like breeze n talk with dts;
U r not just alone as u feel;
They all r ur friends to relieve,
Best cure for ur anxity to remove.
For what is u worried ,oh,be relax,
Almighty power drive all ,plz accept.


29 .2 .2016
1.30 at noon

Copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.

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