To rosey evening

I fear,
My rosey evening is changing into dark evening.
I feel,
There is not seem a little bit of light for my hoping.
I confuse,
God is truth or not.
I tear,
Why r d innocents r sufferd.
I bear,
D life as a heavy load on my head.
As punishment,
Every moments r passing,i feel.
Every movements is like stoped ,
Coz i feel dt my body as puppet,
Unable to move here n there.
I can not depress,
I can not lost my chinaar,
I can not forget my gulmarg,
I want to breath in fresh air,
Till d end of my life,O my beloved !!
I pray u to give some internal power,
Coz only u r only dt guy,O ALMIGHTY !!
I love u,
Depend on u,
Faith on u.
Just on dis faith,
U r forever mine ,
D universe shine.

20.2.2016                  11.45 a.m.

Plz any body no reply on my dis post.

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7 thoughts on “To rosey evening

  1. Venice is my dreamland after reading Shakespere ‘s dramas.plz pray for me dt my disturbances may removed.oldest person’s blessings r listen soon by God.

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  2. friend : if im understangin the right way …. why are you so sorrow ? hope you escape from … anyway i understood what u are talkin … i think a charm is helpin you … i thank you very much … warm hugs by rinaldo from venice, italia


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