ode on ď melting

on d melting;
why  r whole guys surprised?
from birth of dis Universe;
melting of everything has happend.
as rain’s drops r melting,
into earth n its water;
as dancing river r,
melting in ocean per hour.
as where there earth n sky,
meet everyday eachother;;
talk for some time ,
as decade’s waiting n lover.
what is d philosophy?
a new way for whole livings,
a new way for whole lovings.
as all universal’s creaters r
melting in each other.
so its all dear guys r,
yeah,melting whenever.
O GOD !!u too are,
melting in our soul. 
like fragrance is melted,
in wherever a flower sole.
Plz bless us all guys;
on dis Velentine day.
me n my spouse r forever,
in every rebirth melting all day.
as tides cover nearest earth,
in full moon with its water.
may our heart full of admirable love
in rainy day or draught whatever.
o !i should have called him,
with me  sing,dance,laugh n tear.
for melting like a soul o my dear,
come n come to me nearet near.
not merely physicaly but,
emotionaly n spiritually;
dt melting is true melting.
faith for eách other ,o my guys!!
dis melting is always demanding.
.understand for understandig.
why r thou thinking about;
why r thou amazing about?

25.1.2016 3.00 at noon
HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY 26 jan 1950 to all guys.JAIHIND.

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