on become wounded

Oh my God !!in yesterday morning;
i was slipped,wounded n crying.
remember my late mother at once
as she will come from heaven’s
opend door for  my caring.
still now i’m so much pain feeling.
n now say to God ‘s calling.
as i have right on that thing.
my pains’r out of bearing.
any tenshions’r out of controling.
eyes tearing n heart weting ;
such situations when coming ,
person is in God’s remembering.
bt for what n why  n how,
in life  ur dis coming n going.
after birth;d baby’s recogniton,
for his mother n eagerly calling.
in happieness we r forgotten, bt in sorrow, u r rememberd for hoping,
everyone see you for curing.

Oh i beg ur parden,o my God.

12.1.2016 5.00a.m.

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