A alone star

everyday i see a alone star ,
in the sky at the time of dawn.
i daily see him with love n joy,
he always stares me,
n ask to see him for what n why.
i say him how cute r u bt,
alone up above in the sky.
ln all night ur companions,
twinkling stars left u at last O!!guy.
my duty is to inform all world,
about comming new day,tells in whispering way.
n tell with proud dt secret,
he have dis duty fr,om God’s order way.
aftet dt he smiles n disappears  ,
n i feel fresh n smile like realization
n get O MY ALMIGHTY’s relply.
dt is mine  n for mine.
thanks  O shining dawn star ;
thanks for my new feeling.
all my songs n èvery new hope,
with daily comming new morninģ.
yeah,dis is true,u r God’s prophet,
n ur propheting is my good morning.

2.40 a.m. 10 .1.2016

13 thoughts on “A alone star

  1. Splendid 😀 that was the coolest spiritual piece I read in some days
    And that seemed like truly inspired! You wrote it late in the night in the night and maybe 😀 wrote unto morning
    Keep writing Auntiji!


  2. Here’s a piece on behalf of morning star for ‘mighty nighty rangers’ like you

    Bright over the blues

    Pushed by unknown
    As I come into view
    To bid farewell

    I see some faces,
    Regular, but joyous to me
    Always I ask them to sleep
    instead, they smile
    And pour words for me

    My stars are long gone
    but I’m not alone
    Since I found friends
    As you in each corner
    Each night,destined to end
    Brings earthliness,
    To my dreams


  3. wow.u r good written.every lines r heart touching.bt why r u depressed.ur stars have never gone.they r shining in blue sky on ur brighting future.never think nagetive.
    gardish me ho taare ; na ghabrana pyaare;gar tu himmat na haare to honge vaare nyaare………


  4. mujhe blog ki bimaari ho gayi he.jo kisi se nahi kah sakati apne mobile se kahke dil shaant kar leti hu..her natural scene ya ishwer ko point banaa leti hu.u r a little guy bt i think u can understand all situatios.some moments or problems r with person dt he can not faces or solves them.

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  5. I am happy and healthy 😀 look! What I wrote was written on behalf of morning star, when you said all his friends left him and all the responsibility to bring forth a morning on him, he says to people like you, who stay up late and write 🙂 he says he finds a lot of new friends this way.


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