to the lonely auther i ask thou dt why r ur pen n dairy?

oh !! d train has arrived at d station;
today some guys r on travel  ;
coz may be of cooling winter season;
only for two minutes she has gone;
by going she’s whistling n u know,
her backside’s two red eyes in dt,
one is opend n shut down again n again;
why is she doing s
is teasing me as thou.
now silence n only silence here;
r these silence at place there.
u r still now why silent ,o guy!!
r m disturbing u at chance by;
to day last year is passing;
some seweet n some rude feelings
why r we remember cruel memories;
coz some cute flowers should be pick up for hope ful future;
coz there’s no place in life;
n will not bear any torture.
before long time ago,
any illed Keat wrote  some immortal;
n his beloved fanny in waiting
for her love immortal.
where r u keat lonelyauther,
r ur fanny losting forever?
like dt train in dis silent surrowindig;
will also u left ” d forlon”wording.
plz come on our world n say some
like pearl’s ns shinig diomond ‘s words.
on d sky a little star is calling u.
where r ur pen n dairy too?
at d railway station why me remind u?
at eleven’o ‘clock d railway station;
have become symbol of u.

have u sufferd from any disterbance.plz forget all dt n celebrate happy new year God bless u n ur all u read dt poem”i m still young n if possible explain to jeneane? reply soon.

31.12.2015 11.20 pm
at d railway station of chirawa,rajasthan,India.



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