i m still young

Jeneane commonplace book  commented that a man is  never too old.I agree  to dis fact dat a man can never be old until his death.here I tell u about a ghazal(song in urdu language).  This ghazal requires attention which is written by soofi saint HAAFZ JALANDHARI n sung by màliká pukhraaj. An uniqe master piece is here–”’
“I am still young.
The air is exhilarating, flowers are in bloom
A thousand melodies, in lusty spring everywhere
Why do you go, wine giver? Return to me, come back here
What are you waiting for? Pick up the goblet, pick it up
Pick it up and fill the cup. Pass me the filled up cup
Gaze at the garden, behold the bliss, you Ignoramus
Those swirling dark clouds, appearing on the horizon
Like a mob of swaying drunks, showing taverns sully the soul
Spare me the doubts and ill-will, you think I’m feeble
Thoughts of abstinence, why so soon? I am still young!”
“All this talk of prayers, these worries of redemption
Obsession with heavenly rewards, warnings of hellish torments
Listen up Admonisher, you are a bit strange
Have Passion and Youth ever been separated?
When graceful youth abounds, resplendent and mischievous
And winds are fragrant, wouldn’t desires be inflamed?
Provocative lovers, some here, others there
When they arouse sensuously, what power can a preacher have?
It’s sorted then, your point of view
is right. Nevertheless, I’m as yet rather young!”
“I grieve not for openness or closeness, zenith or nadir
Existence – past or present, nor for promises of future creation
I have lost hope and despair, logic and presumptions
I see nothing around me, nothing except my goblet
Let there be no dearth of wine, my friendship with pub unstrained
Let the gathering live on, forever young and hectic
Sing such a melody, Lady singer, my soul surges, sorrows wane
Effect of instrumental music, sets my heart on fire
Let everyone implore, don’t stop your hand bartender
Pour more, Pour more, Pour more, Pour more.”
“This stroll on the mountain, this trek by a stream
Chirping nightingales, guffaws from lovely faces
Chancing upon your love, casts off grief and worries
According to their luck, some laugh, some weep
These tales of passion, these juicy youths
Some graciousness there, some boasting here
This sky, this earth, how heart-pleasing views
This praiseworthy life, how can I, renounce here
That death could be so near, I cannot believe
No no, not yet, no no, not yet).”

dear jeseane!! dis poem is aaproved ur thought.it has deeply philoshofical touch .man neve be old.dis isc

dear jeseane !!plz reply about understanding its meaning.

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