to d lonely author

a lonely author thou r true auther,
coz dreams for all are yours forever.
your words are wrote in lonely corner,
are spreading in whole world’s corner.
love n nearness are your ,
coz by following ur follower.
at d seashore on d lonely chair,
hear somthing in wave’s roar.
where r u lonely auther,
with all things with u ever,
how much r u loneĺy auther.

i like loneliness from my childhood,
coz there my feelings meet me n
remind me about my livelyhood.

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6 thoughts on “to d lonely author

  1. yeah!plz do”nt mind.indeed ur blog”s name has motivated me n inspired to write me.perhaps i do’nt kow who r u n from where do u belong.i know only a little bit dt u r a writer n a writer’s introduction is not nessesary coz his written work introduces n tells about him.sorry if u mind.

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