d window of my memory

when i open window of my memory
then cool breeze of wind
say to me coming;
i t some fàces smiling
n wind who some whispring.
they all remind me someone,
n force for remembering.
i ķnow about all thats ,
they liked me even though too loving.
but i so innocent n unknown ,
could not able to understanding.
today i feel my faulty n ğuilty,
n pray to god for me forgiving.
n wish for known n unknown,
mày god always them blessing.
my love was for humán’s being ,
my whole life wás by náture loving.
whenever my will was for special one
in my ingorance;i was lostiñg.
he came n foever hàd gone
n i still now wàiting n rememberinğ.
in open window  with fresh àiŕ
slowly slowly it me consolling.
saying àbout my ignorance,
n u have do nothing;wrong nothing.
i open my window still now,
seeing at horizon with wind n singing.
about of those memories sweet n innocent,
still now in rude world they me memorizing.
how sweet my past who went away,
have filled my bucket from sweet feeling.
still now i àm no alone;coz on going thier saying to neàrby me n
    with me;         forever standing.
someone say to me and blame
i made him always fooling,
but i was never a tool of mocking.
for god’shak;as gulmarg,
i was so cool as snow falling.
i was so innocent as chinaar,
still now i am puzzeld as nargis,
still now i’m a guy as cursing.
still now i’m in someone’s memoring,.
still now i’m mourning,
still now my memory’s window open,
still now rise up memories with time’s passing.
saying,saying n whishpering,
that coming breeze at window,
console me dat guy is with you,
as feelings n me memorizing.

thanks god.

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