the rising yellow moon

o!yellow moon                                            tell me soon                                                 
saw thou daily n daily                               everyday thuo paĺeypaley.                      why why ‘r u so                                            someone lost by thou.                            hear me i’m for u                                       n know someone guy about                  who walks daily behind thou.                it’s as white pearl up abvoe in sky      it’s a shining star of dawn’s shy.                         it’s that who waiting thou                        again again searching thou,                  but do’n u know abuot that                   that’s target of thou.                               if u both meet by chance                        ur palish shy change in pinkish glance.
u come after sunset ur dearone before sunshine ,
alas u both’s meeting impossible , but do’nt worry coz it instance itself has new n forever adiction of lovefull wine.
oho!my dear pale moon let keep pinkish smile soon.
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